Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Charity Commission's Version of Cleaning Up Its Act

The Charity Commissions response to the ICR report 2005-06 - which highlighted that 70% of charities did not have complaints procedures and an even greater number thought that they didnt need to.

Charity Commission Chief Executive Andrew Hind said,

"As ever, the Independent Complaints Reviewer’s observations and recommendations give us important feedback on the Commission's effectiveness. ( Read Up!) Offering a free (?), independent review of complaints is an important way for the Commission to show that we are accountable to our customers, and to the public. "We're pleased that the report recognises the hard work we've put in to further improving our customer services in the past year, including expanding both our Customer Network and our programme of seminars with faith-based charities. In a year in which we've seen the highest ever number of recorded compliments, it's also helpful to know that we should communicate early on in the complaints process what we can, and can't, look into. We are acting on this, along with all the other valuable recommendations in the report. "The number of complaints brought to the ICR continues to decrease and this year we're undertaking a major review of our customer complaints procedures to ensure they're more accessible, and provide quicker and better ways to evaluate concerns raised about our service. We hope the lessons learned this year will have an even greater impact on next year's report."

What the Charity Commission has actually done is made it more difficult for people to locate information about making complaints about charities or indeed the Commission itself on its official website including burying the contact details for the complaints department in plain text beneath automated and lenthy FAQ details.


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