Monday, September 11, 2006

Making a Start.

I have created the ' Who Are They Really Working For ?' blog so that everyone concerned about the networked corruption within and the incompetence and falsity of the MH charity sector can have somewhere where we can organisize sending out a clear wake up call to MH charities that we will drive a wedge between their funders and them if they do not democratise and clean their acts up.

Mental Health Media, the Mental Health Foundation, Rethink , the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health and Together are perhaps the worst offenders at the moment but all the MH charities should be aware that service users are now doing more than just asking themselves ' Who Are The Mental Health Charities Really Working For? and many of us now wish to openly explore this issue to find out.

I'm hoping we can create some resources and tools to do this on this blog and that we can also profile all the major MH charities, track and monitor their finances , promises and actions and ideally create some means of looking at the 'funding to practical help provided to ordinary service users' ratio.

I cant do this alone - although that wont stop me trying if I have to - so I really would like some input and ideas from you guys. I will try to create a structured framework on the blog to work around , so just bear with me and check back often or, if you want to get involved get commenting or become a team blogger for 'Who Are They Really Working For?

Lastly, no apologies for this blog being launched as something of a ' work in progress ' as it takes time and effort to gather info on the way the major MH charities are set up , who they are funded by , how much they get and what they are actually doing with the money.

Help me help you because together we can and should make the MH charities more accountable.


At September 14, 2006 3:17 PM, Blogger Justice for S&B NHS Garden Centre Workers said...

Just to update , this blog requires a lot more work , mostly getting details on the backgrounds of the major charities , information that's already out there but a pain to have to sort and sift through to put it in some kind of order here.

I've already seen a couple of articles that other people have written which would be appropriate for this site and need to ask permission to reproduce here.


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