Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Rethink's Cliff Gets Top Social Entrepeneur Position Despite Prior Failure

Cliff Prior leaves Rethink & goes to UnLtd

Cliff Prior has left Rethink because Paul Corry Rethinks Director of Public Affairs totally compromised him and the organisation with his shallow ' anti-stigma' media focussed take. Funds were also misused but once again we see the charity 'brotherhood' at work here as Prior was ultimately responsible for Rethink's disasterous Churchill in a Straitjacket stunt which backfired and annoyed people so much they vowed never to fund MH charities again and yet here's Cliff being offered top spot with an organisation that promotes and support social entrepeneurs.

The accounts dont seem to have been filed with the Charity Commission either and it very much looks like slippery Cliff has jumped ship to avoid the AGM.

Remarkable isnt it?

Rethink alienates the people who fund it in the full gaze of the media- Rethink's funds are down as a result - and the Brotherhood reinvent
the idiot who allowed this to happen as an inspiration to social

Equally remarkable is that Rethink's nemesis Paul Corry is now advising
MH service users how to campaign!
!! Amazing . Lets see what plans the
' brotherhood ' has for the incompetent Mr Corry the only Rethink executive without a profile on the Rethink site.

Now what was that about ' Ready Steady Plan ' Mr Corry?


David Crepaz Keay received the same help from the ' brotherhood' , he
abused funds and staff within Mental Health Media causing a scandal that
the charity has still not recovered from - sorry Maggie but its true -
and contrary to its own equal opportunities policy the Mental Health
, on instruction from David's old MHM boss Andrew '
Soundbite's for Cash ' McCulloch
rushed in to pick up David as a Social
Policy Advisor.

In any other line of business this type of conduct would draw the
attention of the serious fraud squad but of course Messrs Prior,
McCulloch, Corry and Crepaz Keay work for charities which arent
accountable at all so they not only get away with this kind of abuse
they depend upon it to enhance their career prospects.

If Cliff Prior had any scruples at all, he'd step aside and allow
someone with a background in social entrepenuership to lead his new
charity. Watch this space for McCullochs departure next.

This is fair comment .

Copied to Charity Commission.


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