Monday, October 23, 2006

E-Mail to Comic Relief ref k500 User Network Project

Peter Bennett -Jones
Board of Trustees
Comic Relief

Dear Peter,

Re. inappropriate use of Comic Relief funds

I understand Comic Relief recently awarded Mental Health charities the Mental Health Foundation and Together k500 to establish a national 'Network of Networks' of Mental Health Service Users Groups and that the project managers are now asking all service groups wishing to participate to donate an additional k5.

Many MH service users are very concerned about this iniative as it is fronted by David Crepaz Keay an individual with numerous roles within the MH sphere , some declared, others not, and a history of abusing his position , staff and charitable funds for his own ends.

In 2005 Mr Crepaz Keay was asked to leave Mental Health Media , where he served as Director, after it was discovered that he had used the charity's funds and rsources to set up a clandestine website that attacked rival MH charity heads and MH service users. He was immediately re-employed as a Senior Policy Advisor with the Mental Health Foundation.

In early 2006 in connection with the National Network you have just funded Together sent out e-mails bearing Mr Crepaz Keay's e-mail address which derived from and linked to a domain targetting ordinary MH service users with porn and drug content. The domain was registered by Mr Crepaz Keay, he was hosting it on a server he paid for and as he was using the derivative e-mail from this domain as his principal e-mail address in his work with Together over the National Network it is clear Mr Crepaz Keay was aware of the content and who it was being targetted at as well as being legally responsible for it.

The Charity Commission have also officially warned other charities about dealing with Mr Crepaz Keay.

In spite of an official complaint to Together, the organisation refused to explain why the National Network literature was contaminated by Mr Crepaz Keay's clandestine antics. He is also officially viewed as the author of the ' Network of Networks' iniative although the idea of a national network was first discussed by ordinary service users who wanted to use the internet and free and/or open source applications and resources to loosely link together in a grass roots upwards rather than top down way to promote 'choice' at the individual level rather than be 'represented' by highly paid MH charity professionals they have no contact and very little in common with .

Society Guardian recently featured some blogs connected to this grass roots development here View from the Blogosphere

Would you please formally investigate these matters - further evidence can and will be supplied on request - and explain exactly how Comic' Relief's Trustees are going to ensure, as they are legally required to. that Mr Crepaz Keay and Co will not be able to misuse the money the general public freely donated and entrusted to Comic Relief , for their own ends and how you intend to audit the Network of Networks project for effectiveness as there is already an enquiry into how another k250 Mr Crepaz Keay was responsible for at Mental Health Media was spent.

Lastly, Comic Relief has awarded a grant of half a million pounds here Peter and the first thing the recipients did was ask those they wished to network and support to donate k5 for the priviledge and discuss selling DVD's of their meetings to ordinary MH service users.

I look forward to hearing from you

Please acknowledge receipt

Des Curley


At December 21, 2006 12:49 PM, Blogger mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Who are they really working for?

Well it ain't people with mental health problems. More like the other way round.

Anyway, as the Prodigy say "Fcuk 'em and their law".

Look after yourself and have yourself the kind of Christmas you want, need or can hide from. Ha!

Mandy xx

At January 16, 2007 12:44 PM, Anonymous charityinvenstigator said...

The Charities in Mental Health certainly do promote their views as Service Users interests, but trying to examine what they are doing sometimes is very difficult . I think they are out of control somewhat and though some are working with Govt its difficult to see just how effective their work is since they dont appear to like too many questions...

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