Monday, October 23, 2006

Network of Networks Fraud Funded

David Crepaz Keay , a Senior Policy Advisor with the Mental Health Foundation and Anne Beales of the charity Together have managed to dupe Comic Relief into providing funds for their Network of Networks concept, a top down plan for Mr Crepaz Keay , who already has numerous declared and undeclared interests within Mental Health, and co to pretend that they somehow nationally represent service users.

Mr Crepaz Keay is not accountable to any service users, he has repeatedly lied about involving people on representative bodies , i.e. the MadforArts advisory group which had one prominent service user activist threatening legal action if MadforArts and Mental Health Media continued to misrepresent him as involved with it. David was also fired as Director of Mental Health Media for misusing its staff and resources to set up a clandestine website to anonymously attack other MH professionals and service users and most recently he was involved with a website based on his name, which targetted MH service users with porn and drugs content.

Mr Crepaz Keay has been repeatedly protected by other MH charity professionals who believe that their right to lord it over service users gives him the right to be abusive and get away with it.

Shannon O Neil of Mind is a good example . She explained that David was just taking the piss out of other service users without even considering whether charities and the people who manage them are funded to do this.

Worse,O'Neil is the Mind official now dealing with Crepaz Keay and his cronies on the National Network Group.

Anne Beales of Together refused to comment on the porn and drugs Mr Crepaz Keay was targetting at Mental Health Service users from a domain the e-mail he was officially communicating with Together derived from. Mr Crepaz Keay was hosting the content, he had not declared it but when it was exposed he claimed it was his former business partners website.

Mr Crepaz Keay owned the domain, had set up the site and , hosted it on a server on an account paid for by him yet Ms Beales claimed she had seen evidence that David was not involved.

Lets see that evidence Ms Beales.

Let all the service user groups you and David claim you want to network and support see that you two are fit to work with service users at all.

Let your funders see how representative, professional and worthy you really are.

Here's the skinny on the funding from Paul Tovey . Look at the sums involved here. Half a million pounds and requests of donations of five thousand pounds each from participating user groups to set up a project that is fanciful in the extreme and purely engaged in as a money spinner.

(Draft) Minutes of Network Planning Group Meeting
Held on Tuesday 26 September 2006 at
The Mental Health Foundation Offices



Liz Abraham’s [LA] Afiya Trust
Anne Beales [AB] Together

Karol Bradbury (Mind – Minute Taker)
David Crepaz-Keay [DCK] Mental Health Foundation

Rob Henderson [RH] Mental Health Matters

Bev Mills [BM] Mental Health Matters
Shannon O’Neill [SON] Mind Link
Donna Smart [DS] Borderline UK
Jan Wallcraft [JanW]

Janine Wood (Chair) [JW] Rethink

Welcome and apologies:
Everyone was welcomed to the meeting. Apologies for absence were received from Tina Coldham (TC), Simon Hayes (SH) and Jude Sellen (JS).

Minutes of last meeting and matters arising:
DCK suggested the Comic Relief note about the bid in the last minutes needed more detail. He said that Comic Relief have asked for another meeting with NPG and Tudor Trust, about evaluation and monitoring systems around any potential funding. A meeting has been arranged for Monday 23 October 2006.

The minutes of the last meeting have been sent out to all members together with the draft Terms of Reference. No responses have been received yet with regard to discrepancies or amendments.

DCK recently met with Delyth Morgan who is Chair of the National Patients Voice Initiative. It was agreed that discussions about all links with groups and individuals need to take place.

Update from all members:

JW has distributed DVDs and received positive feedback. Some people have said they would be willing to pay for them.

LA – has attended a couple of conferences – including the Labour Party conference. She has received mixed feedback about the Network.

BM apologised for not being able to attend the last three meetings due to ill health. She has received some feedback about the Network with a criticism being that it is London based.

JanW has been busy in the speaking at events in the southeast with SURGE. She is still getting asked about the Network and how to join. She attended the Mind Coming of Age conference in Leicester. She has given serious thought to UKAN’s questions.

RH/JW/DCK to attend this meeting


SON said the Mind Link summer magazine has been distributed with a

message about the Network. Have had a couple of people ask to find out

more and be added to the distribution list. Mind’s Coming of Age

Conference provided a platform to highlight the future of the Network, which seemed to be well received.

DCK has had a meeting with Delyth Morgan (National Patients Voice Initiative). As part of the reorganisation following the abolition of the Patient and Public Involvement in Health a number of voluntary organisations have formed an initiative calling for a National Public voice, as yet they have not budget or formal status but the Network will maintain communication with this group. We need to start mapping out relationships we want to have. There is a lot to do and we need to be clear about what we want. Now that we have the money from Comic Relief – £500,000 over five years the responsibility is on us to make things happen. This is a unique opportunity.

RH has been very busy monitoring certain websites and responding. A lot of good effort has been put in so far and would like to see how we are going to be known and what the contact details are going to be. We must not lose contact with grass roots levels.

AB said the National Mental Health Partnership have now got information re finance for Trusts and they are looking forward to linking in with us. They have invited her to speak to the financial directors’ annual conference. She has been invited to speak at the Mental Health Today conference. She feels it is important to get our collective message across. She has also been asked to speak at the Mental Health Providers Forum AGM. AB highlighted the two responses to UKAN’s correspondence from Together’s Chief Executive. AB also emphasised the importance of working with service users at a local level and talked about the ‘next generation’ of people in the user movement.

UKAN correspondence:

JanW is the last person to have had contact with UKAN. The draft response needs to be circulated and agreed then signed off by all those who attend the NPG. The revised letter of response was not available at the meeting, owing to technical problems. This will be circulated by email for the rest of the planning group to approve.

General discussion took place with regard to some of the difficulties being experienced without having a member of UKAN at the table to have direct discussion/dialogue with.

Terms of Reference for the Network:

The Terms of Reference have been agreed as work in progress and have been emailed to the network. RH asked if enquiries had been made regarding a bank account. DS has made some initial enquiries and will be following this up.

JanW to forward letter.

TC/AB/DCK make amendments. All sign off.



Letters have been written to organisations represented at the planning group asking for £5,000 each to assist financially during the development phase. Heard back from Afiya Trust to say they do not have any money.

SON asked when the money from Comic Relief could be accessed. AB said probably as soon as October 2006 but it was pointed out that this money couldn’t fund the planning groups work to date. The interim budget went up to the end of this financial year and should run alongside the development funding for the Network from Comic Relief until March 2007.

Where we go next:

Identity: AB suggested she draft a letter to go out to the general membership re what logo, name and the messages they want to give out. The Terms of Reference is to be sent out with this letter by the end of October 2006. Nominations close end of November 2006 and a decision is to be made at the December 2006 meeting.

Governance: Need to do some research into models and ideas. Report back to November meeting. Any other thoughts/ideas on this can be emailed to group members.

Recruitment: Adverts need to be sent out. Draft job descriptions and person specifications have been prepared.

Advert to be prepared and go out in January 2007. Shortlisting, interview and appoint by end February 2007 with a view to three workers being in post by April 2007.

Terms and conditions for staff: It was agreed that the planning group look at this. LA and DCK said they have some examples of good models.


Internal: We will need to be disciplined about reporting back to this group. Action points need to be named and timescaled.

External: It was agreed that all members must be consistent with what is being said in the press release. This cannot be actioned until we hear from Tudor Trust. A media plan needs to be prepared by mid October 2006.

Group members were asked to identify if they were willing to be a media spokesperson.

Networking: AB suggested that the group needs to be more systematic with regard to networking. She will do a trawl of the network to see whom people are in contact with. JW is going to set up a database with a small space for a narrative. She needs emails from members giving contact details. JW to email members with what she needs by early October. Then we will be able to see where the gaps are.

RH suggested that the minutes of the planning group meetings be signed off officially.

Lead: AB

Group: AB/DS


To check advert

Lead: RG



Lead: JW

Group: LA/JW/

Lead: June

Lead: DCK

Group: BM/ SON/DS/JS




Any other business:

Two more people have written with requests to join the group. This will have to wait until the governance review takes place when the group will be in a better position to respond. RH to write a letter to this effect thanking them for their interest.

DS is still awaiting contact details from Matt, Raza, David, Lisa, Dominic, Jude and Farah.

SON to chair the next meeting. RH to be a continuous support to the roving chair.

Dates of future meetings:

Meetings take place between 11:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.


Wednesday 18 October

Thursday 23 November

Tuesday 19 December


Monday 22 January

Monday 19 February

Monday 19 March

Communication regarding the Network can be sent to: June Marmolejo, Network of Networks, 82a Wick Street, Wick BN17 7JS


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