Monday, February 05, 2007

The Pledge Explained

The Pledge is not just about one senior charity professional abusing his position , it is about the Charity Commission's and the Independent Complaints Reviewers own written admission that over 70% of charities in England and Wales dont have complaints processes and almost 80% dont think they need them.

This is appalling, if Tesco's, Sainsbury's or the Metropolitan Police acted like this their would be an uproar instead people trust charities with their money assuming they do their best by those they claim to act on behalf of.

The current system simply encourages and perpetuates abuse. Charities have no argument for being less accountable than anyone else , their finances and operations should be transparent and the sort of covering up and buck passing we have seen here by various charities, the Charity Commission and the Independent Complaints Reviewer over a really serious charge harms all charities and people wont donate to or sponsor charities if they appear to be more concerned about looking out for themselves than the people they collect money for and claim to act on behalf of.


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